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    Do You Need a Probiotic During Menopause?

    You have a natural balance of good and bad bacteria in your body that can be impacted by the physical and emotional stress of menopause symptoms. Symptoms such as hot flashes or irregular periods may come and go for months or even years, but incorporating probiotics into your daily women’s health care routine can make […]

    Low Estrogen Can Increase Your Risk for High Blood Pressure

    After age 45, women become much more susceptible to developing high blood pressure. This is directly linked to reduced levels of estrogen during perimenopause, a time when many women turn to hormone replacement. Estrogen helps promote blood flow through your body by keeping blood vessels open, so when your estrogen decreases, your blood vessels can constrict. […]

    Hormones and Weight Loss After Menopause

    For many women, menopause slows down your metabolism, making it difficult to lose extra weight. Perhaps you’re feeling frustrated because your weight isn’t budging, even though you feel like you’re doing all the right things. Weight loss for women after menopause is possible, but it requires learning a new way to approach losing weight.  By […]

    Hormonal Imbalance in Younger Women is More Common Than You Think

    Difficulty sleeping, irregular periods, mood swings, unexpected weight gain—if this sounds like you, it could be a hormonal imbalance. It might seem unlikely, but hormonal imbalance among young women is actually fairly common. Studies show that up to 80% of women experience hormonal imbalance in their lifetime. Because many of these imbalances are undiagnosed, some […]

    Estrogen Replacement Therapy: Injections vs. Vaginal Creams

    Are you a woman in the midst of menopause? If so, you may be considering estrogen replacement therapy to help alleviate symptoms. These medicines can help you enjoy life again and relieve uncomfortable menopause symptoms like hot flashes, weight gain, low sex drive, and vaginal dryness. However, it’s important to know that there are different […]

    Low Estrogen: What is Estradiol?

    Menopause is a natural, yet often overwhelming time in the life of women. It can cause physical and emotional changes that can be hard to adjust to and manage on your own. What many don’t realize is that symptoms like hot flashes and mood changes are due to low estrogen levels, particularly a type of […]

    Long COVID May Change Your Period

    You may have heard of “long COVID” – the term used to describe the lingering effects that some people experience after contracting the coronavirus. Now, new research suggests that long COVID may also change your menstrual cycle. Small studies and anecdotal evidence has found that many women who contracted COVID and experience long COVID symptoms […]

    Signs You Need Hormone Imbalance Treatment

    Hormones are chemical messengers that work throughout your body, with the body producing over 50 different hormones for many different things. Sex hormones – estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone – are three types of hormones that are really important for your overall health and how you feel on a day-to-day basis. They are also commonly thrown […]

    Does Estrogen Replacement Therapy Stop Menopause?

    If you’re experiencing menopause symptoms, our providers may recommend estrogen replacement therapy to alleviate your symptoms. Many women find relief from bothersome symptoms like hot flashes, mood changes, and sleep disturbances commonly caused by menopause. This has led to many women wondering if estrogen replacement therapy actually stops or delays menopause. The short answer is […]

    Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Improve Your Sex Life

    Menopause comes with a lot of changes, some good (like an end to pesky PMS symptoms) and some pretty frustrating (like hot flashes). One change that many women notice around the time of menopause is a decrease in their sex drive and sexual satisfaction. This can create a huge issue with maintaining a healthy sex […]


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