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    Is Progesterone Really THAT Important?

    Starting from about 13, I knew that women were full of hormones. I had heard the stories about mood swings and hot flashes and all sorts of terrible problems, and I had probably even experienced a few crazy symptoms of my own by that point. The main culprit, as far as I was concerned, was […]

    Why Baby Makes You Crazy: The Hormonal Truth About Pregnancy

    Oh, the joys of pregnancy and childbirth. While there is certainly some joy involved, there is also some fear, a little bit of trepidation, and a whole lot of crazy. I hate to say it aloud, but all women that have given birth know all too well that having a child makes you crazy. It […]

    Treating Hormonal Imbalance ~ HerKare Is Changing My Life

    ….O.K. ladies, let’s face it, we’re complex creatures. I take pride in saying that! I however, never wanted to blame my hormones for things that have been happening to me lately. I felt it was a “cop out.” As some men would say, “oh, don’t use the old hormone story”. Well, guess what… for once […]