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    Iron Deficiency

    Iron deficiency is common in women, and it can cause anemia. If you have heavy periods, iron deficiency can happen due to blood loss. You might also be at a greater risk of being iron-deficient if you are pregnant or if you are a vegetarian or vegan. Iron-deficient anemia can be treated with iron vitamin supplements on one of our vitamin optimization plans at HerKare.

    Symptoms of Iron Deficiency

    You won’t always know that you have iron-deficient anemia. You may have no symptoms, or they might appear so gradually that you do not notice them until they become severe. Some of these symptoms are weakness, fatigue, dizziness and cold hands and feet. You might also feel the urge to eat such strange things as ice or even dirt. We can tell whether you are low in iron with a simple blood test, and supplements can restore your iron levels and help you feel better.

    Benefits of Iron Supplements

    You can make an effort to eat more iron-rich foods if you have a deficit, but iron supplements are usually necessary to bring your levels up and maintain them. Restoring the levels of iron in your blood can give you more energy and relieve other symptoms, such as shortness of breath and feeling cold all the time. It’s important to not start taking iron until you have been tested for a deficiency. You might need other types of vitamin therapy along with iron supplements.

    If you are suffering from some of the symptoms associated with iron deficiency or if you are simply concerned about whether you are getting vitamins in the right amount and want to find out more about vitamin supplements for women, contact us at HerKare. We want to help you with vitamin optimization and other remedies that will contribute to your health and well-being. Make an appointment with our team online or contact us by phone.

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