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    Benefits of Vitamin Optimization

    The benefits of vitamin optimization include strengthening your bones, preventing anemia and helping to ensure that you have a healthy pregnancy. Vitamin supplements for women can be important for your health because there are certain essential vitamins and minerals that can be difficult for you to get just from your diet. You should eat nutritiously and try to get most of your vitamins and minerals from real food, but in some cases, vitamin therapy is necessary.

    B Vitamins

    Some women may need to follow a restrictive diet for health reasons, and they might not be able to get all the nutrients they need from that diet. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, you might be deficient in vitamin B12, which you get from animal products. If you have a B12 deficiency, you might have a number of unexplained symptoms that can be quickly resolved with B12 supplements.

    Folic acid is another important B vitamin for women. While it can also help with production of red blood cells as well as anemia, folic acid is critical for pregnant women since it helps prevent birth defects.

    Other supplements

    Vitamin D helps keep calcium and phosphorus moving through your body so that these nutrients do not leach from your bones and weaken them. Vitamin C aids in healing and red blood cell production. Vitamins A, C and E may boost your immune system and even slow the aging process.

    We want you to feel your best. Whether you are thinking of becoming pregnant, worried about making sure your bones stay healthy as you get older or wondering if your fatigue might be the result of an iron deficiency, we can help you determine whether vitamin supplements are the right solution for you. Give our team at HerKare a call today or make an appointment online to talk about the benefits of vitamin optimization and get on the road to maximizing your health.

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