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    How Hormone Replacement Treatment Affects Your Hair

    Most of us have heard about hot flashes and mood changes during menopause, but what about hair thinning? Many women experience hair loss during menopause, but hormone replacement treatment may be able to help. Thinning hair during menopause can seriously affect your sense of well-being and your self-esteem. However, you’re not alone with menopausal hair […]

    Short, Irregular Cycle? Talk to Your Hormone Doctor

    When you notice changes in your period, a hormone doctor may be able to help. Short, irregular periods may indicate hormone imbalances, like low progesterone. A simple blood test can help your hormone doctor determine if you have low progesterone levels. If this is the case, they may recommend a personalized treatment option to help […]

    When Sex Hurts: Low Estrogen Could Make Intimacy Painful

    Low estrogen during menopause can cause many undesirable symptoms. For example, many women notice that sex becomes painful after menopause due to low estrogen levels. Between 17-45% of postmenopausal women say that sex is painful for them. If you’ve noticed this change in your own life, you are not alone and there are treatments available […]

    Ask Your Hormone Doctor About Your Progesterone Levels

    While a lot of discussions about menopause focus on estrogen levels, you should also talk to your hormone doctor about your progesterone levels. Estrogen and progesterone work together to perform some vital functions in your body and help keep you healthy. While progesterone is typically associated with pregnancy, your hormone doctor should also monitor your […]

    Aesthetic Gift Card Special!

    Our team at HerKare can’t wait to see you again. In the meantime, take advantage of a special offer of a Brilliant Distinctions® $100 gift card for only $50! These gift cards can be used on our aesthetic Botox® and Kybella® treatments. Enjoy savings now and use your gift cards whenever you’re ready, because these gift cards […]

    Belly Fat Reduction & Estrogen Replacement Therapy

    Estrogen replacement therapy helps reduce many symptoms of menopause, including hot flashes and vaginal dryness. However, it may offer another benefit. During menopause, you may notice that you seem to accumulate more fat in your abdominal area. Studies show that estrogen replacement therapy may help you avoid this issue. Learn more about how hormone therapy […]

    How Low Estrogen Affects Your Breasts During Menopause

    Hot flashes, mood swings, vaginal dryness – low estrogen during menopause can cause a lot of uncomfortable changes. Most of us know about these common symptoms of menopause. However, low estrogen may also cause our breasts to change as well. Learn about some common breast changes during menopause and how your hormone doctor may be […]

    Women’s Hormone Care May Help Recurring UTIs in Menopause

    Many women notice that they start to get recurring urinary tract infections during menopause. Declining estrogen levels during menopause may cause changes in your bladder that make you more susceptible to urinary tract infections. However, women’s hormone care may help with recurring UTIs during menopause. Women’s hormone care helps reduce symptoms caused by hormonal imbalances […]

    Menopause Hormone Replacement and Quality of Life

    Hormone replacement injections are a common treatment for menopause symptoms. If you’re going through menopause symptoms, it’s easy to see how they can affect your life as a whole. Therefore, it’s important to understand how menopause and hormone replacement treatment can affect you. Health-related quality of life is a standard measure of wellbeing improvements due […]

    HerKare COVID-19 Announcement

    PLEASE READ: COVID-19 In response to the COVID-19 virus, HerKare is taking extra precautions for your safety, and the safety of our staff. We have implemented enhanced cleaning and sterilization procedures in the centers and are taking additional actions which meet or exceed the standards set by the CDC. If you have (i) traveled outside […]