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    Menopause Hormone Replacement and Quality of Life

    Hormone replacement injections are a common treatment for menopause symptoms. If you’re going through menopause symptoms, it’s easy to see how they can affect your life as a whole. Therefore, it’s important to understand how menopause and hormone replacement treatment can affect you. Health-related quality of life is a standard measure of wellbeing improvements due […]

    HerKare COVID-19 Announcement

    PLEASE READ: COVID-19 In response to the COVID-19 virus, HerKare is taking extra precautions for your safety, and the safety of our staff. We have implemented enhanced cleaning and sterilization procedures in the centers and are taking additional actions which meet or exceed the standards set by the CDC. If you have (i) traveled outside […]

    Low Estrogen and Vaginal Dryness: Treating Your Discomfort

    A common, uncomfortable symptom of low estrogen levels is atrophic vaginitis, also known as vaginal dryness. Typically, menopausal women experience this condition due to declining estrogen levels in their bodies. Atrophic vaginitis is often a cause for discomfort and embarrassment in women. However, treating your low estrogen levels may help with this condition and improve […]

    Hormone Replacement Can Help Insomnia During Menopause

    Many women experience insomnia during menopause. Hormone replacement therapy has been shown to help insomnia symptoms during menopause. Poor sleep quality affects you in many ways, including your mood, ability to focus, and overall wellbeing. Feeling well-rested helps you tackle your tasks effectively and enjoy your daily activities. Anyone who has experienced a bad night of […]

    Estrogen Replacement Therapy May Help Menopausal Depression

    Menopause is a natural phase in your life, but it can also leave you with uncomfortable physical and emotional symptoms. Estrogen replacement therapy may help you feel better, reduce your symptoms, and make your transition into menopause more comfortable. In addition to the physical symptoms of menopause, estrogen replacement therapy may also help menopausal depression […]

    Testosterone Isn’t Just for Men: Signs of Low Testosterone

    Though we often associate testosterone with men, low testosterone levels can impact women as well. In these cases, testosterone hormone replacement treatment may be able to help relieve your symptoms. Many pre-menopausal and post-menopausal women suffer from low testosterone and other hormone imbalances. The symptoms of these hormone issues can be difficult to bear. Therefore, […]

    Happy New Year | HerKare Aesthetic January Specials

    Start the New Year off RIGHT with our January Specials! HerKare emphasizes and empowers women to feel good about themselves – from general wellness to aesthetics. With experienced medical professionals in both areas, make an annual wellness exam, and let’s chat about your health and changes you’d like to make to feel better about yourself. […]

    Myths About Women’s Hormone Care and Menopause

    Many menopausal women turn to women’s hormone care to help them feel better. This treatment can help relieve common symptoms like hot flashes, mood changes, and sleep problems. However, there is a lot of misinformation out there about women’s hormone care. A quick internet search can leave you feeling confused about hormone replacement treatment. Read […]

    How Your Skin Can Change During Menopause

    Your hormone doctor can be a valuable resource during menopause. Decreasing estrogen levels during menopause causes a lot of changes to take place, including on your skin. If you notice changes in your skin, you may wonder if they are normal or if you should be concerned. There are some common skin changes that you […]

    Hormone Imbalance Treatment Could Help Insomnia-Like Symptoms

    If you are feeling overly tired during menopause, hormone imbalance treatment may be able to help you. Menopause can cause insomnia-like symptoms and make you feel poorly. As we age, menopause can cause hormone imbalances because the body produces less estrogen. Changes in hormones can wreak havoc on our bodies and emotions, but there are treatments […]