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    TRT FAQs

    Do women need testosterone?

    Although testosterone is most commonly associated with men’s health, that doesn't mean it is not important for women as well. Women need lower levels of testosterone than men, but they do produce testosterone in small amounts in their ovaries and adrenal glands. Those small amount can still be critical to your health. Testosterone is important to your sex drive, your fertility and the production of new red blood cells. It affects your muscle mass and how you distribute fat. Hormone replacement therapy as a treatment for low testosterone is not just for men. Women can also benefit from testosterone replacement therapy as well.

    How do you test for low testosterone levels in women?

    Your symptoms may suggest low testosterone, but we will take a blood sample to check your levels. We'll also assess your health and talk to you about how you are feeling overall. If we think you may benefit from testosterone replacement therapy, we'll talk to you about your options.

    How do you treat low testosterone levels?

    If your testosterone levels are low, we can treat you with hormone replacement therapy. At HerKare, we administer bioidentical testosterone via injections. Bioidentical replacement therapy uses natural hormones instead of synthetic ones. Injections are our preferred method for HRT because they allow us to control the dosage, closely monitor your levels and make adjustments as necessary. You'll come in to our HerKare office every couple of weeks for an injection and a quick check of those levels.

    What are the symptoms of low testosterone?

    You might have low testosterone if your sex drive is suffering or if you are experiencing vaginal dryness. Generally feeling weak and fatigued can be another symptom of low testosterone as well as weight gain and insomnia. Low testosterone can make your periods irregular and affect your fertility. Bioidenticals offer natural testosterone hormone replacement that can help you feel better.

    What causes low testosterone in women?

    Menopause is a time that brings a number of hormonal changes that may be treated with HRT, and testosterone is one of those hormones that is present in lower levels as women age. However, you might also develop low testosterone if you need to have your ovaries removed or if you develop a condition called adrenal insufficiency, in which your adrenal glands do not function properly.