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    PRT FAQs

    How do you test for low progesterone?

    We'll check your progesterone levels by taking a simple blood test to see if you potentially need progesterone replacement therapy. Symptoms like fatigue or just not feeling like yourself might be the first sign that you are suffering from low progesterone, but we make sure to thoroughly assess your health and potential causes of those symptoms.

    How do you treat progesterone deficiency?

    Once we have determined that you are low in progesterone, and have assessed your overall health, we will discuss an appropriate treatment plan for you. If progesterone replacement therapy is right for you, our medical team would likely prescribe an oral method for administering the therapy. Once we begin hormone replacement therapy, also known as HRT, we will continue to monitor your hormone levels to make sure you are receiving the appropriate dosage and make adjustments if necessary.

    What is the function of progesterone?

    Progesterone has a number of functions in a woman's body, including helping to strengthen bones and reducing the likelihood of osteoporosis.

    Is progesterone replacement therapy only for women in menopause?

    HRT is most commonly prescribed to women who have gone through menopause since progesterone levels often drop significantly post-menopause. However, hormonal imbalances can affect women at other times in their lives. In the decade or more leading up to menopause, which is called perimenopause, women's hormones may also be out of balance. Progesterone can help regulate heavy or irregular periods during perimenopause as well as symptoms of PMS. At HerKare, we will design a treatment plan for you that could include hormone replacement therapy at any stage of your life.

    What are the symptoms of low progesterone?

    Low progesterone symptoms are similar to those related to other types of hormonal imbalances as well as other conditions. They include depression, moodiness, an irregular period, urinary tract infections and painful sex as a result of vaginal dryness. The variability of these symptoms is why it is important to confirm a progesterone imbalance exists by taking a simple blood test. Then our medical team can prescribe the appropriate treatment plan for you.


    It is with heavy hearts that we announce that Dr. Sridevi Panchamukhi will be discontinuing her affiliation with HerKare. Dr. Panchamoukhi’s last day with HerKare was Monday, March 27, 2023. As a patient you may obtain copies of your medical records or arrange transfer of your medical records to another physician. HerKare Physician Group, PLLC will continue to maintain your medical records. You may reach out to to obtain copies of your records. We wish Dr. Panchamoukhi the very best.