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    ERT FAQs

    What is estrogen?

    Estrogen hormones get your body ready for pregnancy and increase your desire for sex. They also help regulate your cholesterol levels and strengthen your bones. Although estrogen is usually produced by the ovaries, your fat tissue or adrenal glands can also produce estrogen. During perimenopause or menopause, your estrogen levels drop. For some women, this can lead to such uncomfortable symptoms as depression, fatigue, hot flashes and a low sex drive. You may also experience symptoms of low estrogen at other times in your life. We may be able to treat your low estrogen with bioidentical estrogen replacement therapy.

    How are low estrogen levels diagnosed?

    We'll discuss your symptoms and use a blood test to determine whether your estrogen levels are too low. When you start estrogen replacement therapy, we'll continue to monitor your levels to ensure that you are getting the right dosage and make adjustments as required.

    How do you treat low estrogen levels naturally?

    If we determine that you need estrogen replacement therapy, we'll use bioidentical estrogen. This offers natural estrogen replacement with estrogen derived from plants rather than made synthetically. Bioidenticals are safe and offer the same benefits as synthetic hormones. At HerKare, you'll receive your hormones by injection since this is the preferred method for us to regularly monitor your dosage.

    Who should get estrogen replacement therapy?

    Any woman who suffers from a hormone imbalance may benefit from estrogen replacement therapy. If we determine through a discussion of your symptoms and a blood test that you need estrogen, you'll either get a combination of estrogen and progestin or just estrogen. The combination is for women who still a uterus. If you've had a hysterectomy, you can take estrogen on its own. You might need estrogen replacement therapy if you are in menopause since your estrogen levels drop during menopause. However, your estrogen levels can become out of balance at any time of your life.

    What are the effects of estrogen replacement therapy?

    As is the case with all forms of hormone replacement therapy, it may take from a few weeks to several months to get relief from some of your symptoms. But once you've been on HRT for a while, you should have more energy and fewer mood swings. With estrogen replacement therapy, you might also find your sex life improving. Estrogen replacement therapy can help reduce migraines and night sweats. If you are not yet in menopause, taking estrogen might also make your periods more regular.