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    Medication Options for Weight Loss

    Successful weight loss may need a combination of solutions that work together to optimize the amount of fat your body burns. Medications that target weight loss, such as semaglutide and phentermine, can substantially boost your weight loss plan.

    We’ll meet with you to do an initial health assessment so we can determine which combination of treatments you need to address different factors in your weight management plan. This may include weight loss medications. Our healthcare providers can help identify which medications will be the most effective for you and your lifestyle. We have many weight loss medication options that can help you successfully manage your weight.

    We will talk with you to determine which weight loss medication could be a good option for you, and how it can work with our treatments to help you lose the extra weight so you can feel better. Book an appointment now.

    Medication Options for Weight Loss

    Weight can be a health condition that requires the appropriate medication to manage, just like other health conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Prescription weight loss medication is prescribed by a health care provider and is different from diet supplements that you can buy yourself in a store or online.

    Weight loss medication helps you lose weight in combination with your other personal solutions from HerKare, including a healthy diet plan, lipotropic and B12 injections, lifestyle changes, and hormone replacement therapy, if applicable.

    We take your health and well-being seriously. All the weight loss medication we offer are FDA-approved.

    Our goal is to find weight loss therapies and medications that work for you and your lifestyle. We’ll use the information from your initial weight loss assessment to prescribe medication based on your health conditions and weight loss goals.

    Oral medication options that we offer include many well-known weight loss medications, including:

    • Phentermine
    • Benzphetamine
    • Phendimetrazine
    • Bupropion
    • Diethylpropion
    • Topiramate
    • Orlistat

    Injectable medication options we have available include:

    • Liraglutide
    • Semaglutide
    • Tirzepatide

    Semaglutide for Weight Loss

    Semaglutide is one of the newest medications for weight loss, approved by the FDA in 2021. When combined with a healthy diet plan and exercise, it has been shown to increase weight loss results.

    Semaglutide mimics hunger hormones in the brain to reduce your appetite, especially right after eating. It also slows down how quickly the stomach empties, so you stay fuller longer. In addition, it helps control blood sugar levels, so you don’t put on weight as quickly. This trifecta of effects on your body can encourage healthy weight loss, which is why it is a popular treatment our providers might recommend.

    Find Effective Weight Loss Treatments with HerKare

    We’re here to listen to your story and understand the weight loss challenges you’re facing. We have the variety of weight loss solutions you need to address each one of these challenges.

    Our team will create a treatment plan just for you. With the right combination of weight loss solutions, we’ll help you lose weight without sacrificing your health along the way.

    Contact us for a consultation today.


    It is with heavy hearts that we announce that Dr. Sridevi Panchamukhi will be discontinuing her affiliation with HerKare. Dr. Panchamoukhi’s last day with HerKare was Monday, March 27, 2023. As a patient you may obtain copies of your medical records or arrange transfer of your medical records to another physician. HerKare Physician Group, PLLC will continue to maintain your medical records. You may reach out to to obtain copies of your records. We wish Dr. Panchamoukhi the very best.