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    Forms of Hormone Replacement Therapy

    We believe that hormone injections are the best delivery method for hormone replacement therapy options. HRT Injections are fast, convenient and virtually pain-free. It is easier to regulate the amount of hormones you are getting through injections, and your body is better able to absorb hormones received via injections.

    There are several other forms of hormone replacement therapy, including pills, creams, pellets and suppositories.

    HRT Pills

    If you have been prescribed pills for hormone replacement, you must remember to take the HRT pills around the same time each day to ensure that the flow of hormones into your system remains steady. The biggest disadvantage of HRT pills is that there is a higher risk of some side effects, such as blood clots, than with other methods,.

    HRT Creams

    HRT Creams are convenient, but there are several disadvantages to this method as well. As is the case with HRT pills, you must remember to apply the HRT cream daily. Absorption may not be as effective as it is with injections. With creams, you also have less control over the dosage based on your personal absorption rate through the skin. This means that you could get varying dosages of hormones based on ambient temperature, sweat rate, etc. And with some HRT creams there is risk of cross-contamination to those you come in contact with throughout the day

    Hormone Replacement Pellets

    A doctor creates an incision and places the HRT pellets just under your skin. The hormones release into your system over a period of several months. Unlike HRT injections, hormone pellets can cause pain during or after insertion. Like any surgical procedure, this pellet-insertion process can result in infection, or rejection by your body. Another drawback of hormone replacement pellets compared to HRT injections is that once they are in place, it is not possible to adjust the amount of hormones you are receiving for several months. So if the dosage is either too high or too low, you will have to “live with it” until the pellets have fully depleted.


    HRT suppositories do not carry the risk that some other types of HRT do; however, they only relieve vaginal dryness but not other symptoms of hormone deficiencies.

    Our HerKare medical team wants to maximize the benefits of your hormone replacement therapy, and that means using HRT injections to make sure that your experience is as customized, convenient, painless and safe as possible. Contact us today to make an appointment and discuss how HRT injections can help you feel better.

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