herkare-lobbyHerKare was founded in November 2013 to create a female-friendly environment, where understanding medical professionals exclusively treat hormone imbalances in women. The physicians and treatment professionals at HerKare focus on improving the overall health and well-being of women through hormone replacement therapy (HRT). HRT is not synthetic; rather, it is personalized to each patient’s specific needs and body chemistry.

Whether you are suffering from the effects of post pregnancy, a genetic deficiency or stages of menopause, the physicians at HerKare will develop a customized treatment plan designed to support and improve common symptoms of hormone imbalance, including fatigue, depression, low libido, weight gain, hot flashes and/or muscle loss.

Mickala Sisk, founder of the HerKare concept explains: “Hormone imbalance is an inevitable part of every woman’s life, and women have traditionally not been satisfied with the options available. As a working mom, I can relate and empathize. I wanted to create a place where women of all ages could get real help and bring balance back into their life.”

Hormone imbalance can be the cause of a variety of health issues, and some studies link it to the risk of more serious ailments such as heart disease, osteoporosis, stroke, memory loss, high cholesterol, depression and mood swings. Fortunately, imbalances are treatable. Dr. Raymond Westbrook, medical director of HerKare, explains: “With the right treatment modalities, patients should begin to experience the benefits of treatment within the first few visits. Of course, careful monitoring is important to maintain consistent results over the treatment cycle.”

To determine if an imbalance exists, the doctors at HerKare evaluate patients in seven areas of potential deficiencies: Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, thyroid function, Folate, Vitamin D and B12. Treatment options could include modalities such as injections, prescriptions and/or supplements.
Most insurance is accepted for Non-Aesthetic Services.  Call to verify how your insurance may cover various treatments.  And with the convenience of an on-site lab, immediate treatment is available during your initial visit.

We value you and your time. Let us help you bring balance back to your life!