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    Symptoms of Hypertension

    It is not uncommon to have no symptoms at all with hypertension. Symptoms usually appear when the condition is more severe and may include shortness of breath, fatigue and headaches. Hypertension may be diagnosed when blood pressure is checked during a women’s health exam.

    How Treatment Works for Hypertension

    Women may develop hypertension as a result of pregnancy, and treatment of hypertension for women of childbearing age must take the likelihood of pregnancy into account when medication is prescribed. Some cases of hypertension can be controlled with a change in lifestyle. Exercising and changing the diet as well as cutting back on alcohol and quitting smoking can be as effective as medication for some people. An individualized treatment plan will be developed based on your lifestyle, the severity of your hypertension and other factors.

    Cost of Hypertension Treatment

    Treatment costs vary according to your health insurance. HerKare is within most insurance providers’ networks.

    Potential Side Effects of Hypertension Treatment

    There are many different medications and combinations of medications that can be used to treat hypertension, so there may be a number of potential side effects as well. Your medical provider will discuss the effects with you and may adjust your treatment if necessary.

    If you have been experiencing some of the symptoms of high blood pressure, have a family history of high blood pressure or simply have not had your blood pressure checked recently, we can evaluate this as part of an overall health assessment. You can make a convenient online appointment at a HerKare facility near you.