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    Symptoms of both type 1 and type 2 (adult onset) diabetes:

    There are a few common symptoms of diabetes that include frequent urination, excessive thirst, fatigue and weight loss. However, there are also some symptoms that are unique to women. Vaginal itching and pain, vaginal and oral yeast infections, a decreased sex drive and frequent urinary tract infections may all be symptoms of diabetes. Women may develop gestational diabetes in pregnancy, and women who have polycystic ovary syndrome are at an increased risk for diabetes.

    How Treatment Works for Diabetes

    While diabetes cannot be cured, both types of diabetes can be managed in part through diet and exercise. People who have Type I diabetes may also need regular insulin injections. For Type II diabetes, medication and insulin injections may also be necessary.

    Benefits and Results of Diabetes Treatment

    Women tend to suffer more severe symptoms as a result of diabetes and have a higher mortality rate than men. Diabetes treatment can result in a healthier lifestyle and can reduce the likelihood of many of the complications associated with diabetes, including stroke, kidney disease, heart disease, blindness and nerve damage.

    Potential Side Effects of Diabetes Treatment

    There may be side effects from insulin treatments, and these could include allergic reactions, weight changes and headaches. Some people may be hypersensitive to insulin. Your doctor will discuss these and other issues related to side effects with you and work with you to minimize them.

    The first step in preventing or managing diabetes is a test for the condition and an overall health assessment. If you are at risk for diabetes, have any of the symptoms or simply have not had a health evaluation for some time, you can make an online appointment with HerKare.

    Cost of Diabetes Treatment

    Treatment costs vary according to your health insurance. HerKare is within most insurance providers’ networks.