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    Platelet Rich Plasma

    Platelet rich plasma therapy is a process that stimulates your body’s natural healing ability. It uses injections to improve the healing process, reduce hair loss and treat joint problems, such as those caused by osteoarthritis and tendinitis. PRP differs from other aesthetic injections in that it can also address pain issues.

    How Does Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Work?

    Platelet Rich PlasmaPlatelets are the cells in your blood that promote growth and healing. Plasma is the part of your blood that is liquid. We take some of your own blood, stimulate the platelets to make them behave as though there is an injury so they start the healing process, and then separate the platelets from the plasma and inject a platelet-rich liquid back into the injured part of your body.

    What Are the Advantages of PRP?

    PRP can help with the healing of muscles, tissue and ligaments. For some people, PRP injections mean that they can avoid using anti-inflammatories or much stronger drugs, such as opioids. If you have scars or other issues from cosmetic treatments, PRP may speed their healing.

    How Long Does PRP Last?

    Patients typically need three treatments that are about six to eight weeks apart, and you should start to improve within six to eight weeks. Many women see changes continuing for up to six months. We generally recommend that after six to 12 months, you have a follow-up treatment. Results may last for one to two years for this type of aesthetic injectable.

    Chronic pain can be one of the most difficult health issues to deal with. Many women do not want the side effects of medication, or medication does not provide enough relief. This can lead to real quality of life issues. For some people, PRP has provided a solution. We want you to be pain-free and to maximize your body’s healing potential. To find out if you are a good candidate for PRP, make an appointment online for a consultation with our team at HerKare today.

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