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    Bone Density / Body Composition

    A bone density scan can be used to detect whether you are at risk of having bones that might break more easily while body composition testing can indicate whether your body fat is distributed in a way that puts you at a greater risk for certain diseases. With this information, we develop a personalized plan for you to stay healthy. HerKare offers services for both bone density scanning and body composition testing.

    Bone Density Scans

    A bone density scan is a fast, easy and painless way for us to tell whether you are at risk for bone density issues. After menopause, some women develop osteoporosis, which you may have heard described as “brittle bones.” Bone density scans can detect bone density issues at an early stage so you can get started on treatment that will help keep your bones strong and healthy for years to come. The risk of osteoporosis can be reduced with some lifestyle changes, such as strength training and making sure you get adequate amounts of vitamin D and calcium through vitamin optimization methods. Medication can also help with osteoporosis. We can work with you to decide what treatments are best for you.

    Body Composition Testing

    BMI is often used to quickly determine whether someone is overweight or obese, but you may have heard that this number doesn’t tell the whole story. We offer body composition testing, which gives us a much more accurate picture of your health. Like a bone density scan, body composition testing is fast and non-invasive. We can use the information from body composition testing to map out a wellness plan specifically for you.

    Our HerKare approach is not just about treating the issues you have now but anticipating any issues you may have in the future and starting you on the track to health and wellness to prevent those issues. Contact our medical team to schedule a bone density scan or body composition testing, and we’ll work with you to decide on the best course of action for your health.

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