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    Many people want to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles without going under the knife. Aesthetic injectables may be the right option for you if you’re looking for minimally-invasive, non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Botox® is an aesthetic injectable that is incredibly popular. In fact, it’s one of the most popular non-surgical aesthetic treatments in the U.S. Botox is the brand name for botulinum toxin, which can help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your face. There are a lot of misconceptions about Botox and what it does. Let’s talk about Botox treatments, how they work, and what to expect from Botox injections. 

    Botox Aesthetic Injectables for Wrinkles

    woman smiling after Botox aesthetic injectables

    Botox aesthetic injectables help treat and prevent facial lines and wrinkles.

    There are many types of aesthetic treatments available to help you enhance your natural appearance. Botox is an option to help soften existing lines and wrinkles, prevent wrinkles from deepening, and also reduce the risk of new wrinkles forming. It does this by relaxing the muscles in your face. Botox isn’t a filler, so it won’t fill in existing wrinkles. However, it does help reduce the look of dynamic wrinkles, which are wrinkles that appear when you contract certain muscles. For example, the lines that appear in your face when you raise your eyebrows, such as in surprise. Because muscle contractions are a common cause of wrinkles, Botox may help reduce the appearance of wrinkles as you age to help you get a more youthful appearance. 

    What are Botox Aesthetic Injectables Made Of?

    Botox is a brand name treatment made of botulinum toxin type A. Botulinum toxin type A comes from the bacteria Clostridium Botulinum, which lives mostly in soil and untreated water. If you become infected with the bacteria, such as by eating contaminated foods, you can become ill with a sickness called botulism. However, Botox injections use a purified and diluted form of the toxin created by the bacteria. When injected into specific areas in the muscle by a qualified professional, Botox is generally quite safe with a low complication rate. It is an FDA-approved option for treating facial wrinkles, as well as some health conditions like eye spasms. However, it’s key to find an experienced professional with the proper training for your Botox aesthetic injectables. 

    How Does Botox Work?

    Botulinum toxin essentially weakens or paralyzes muscles where it’s injected. This helps force the muscles to relax so they don’t contract and create dynamic wrinkles as much. Botox temporarily disables specific muscles in your face based on your desired results. Botulinum toxin basically interrupts messages between the nerves and muscles to stop certain muscles from contracting and causing wrinkles. 

    Where Can Botox Aesthetic Injectables Work?

    Botox can be used to treat wrinkles in many areas on the face. Currently, Botox Cosmetic is FDA-approved for treating wrinkles between the eyebrows, around the eyes, and on the forehead. Injecting Botox in these areas can help with glabellar lines between the eyebrows just above the nose, crows feet wrinkles around the eyes, and wrinkles on the forehead. In addition, there are many off-label uses for Botox Cosmetic injections. For example, Botox may help with the appearance of:

    • Frown lines
    • Marionette lines
    • Smile lines
    • Bunny lines (lines on the sides of the nose)
    • Smokers lines

    Botox aesthetic injectables won’t treat wrinkles caused by things like sun damage or gravity. Instead, it helps treat dynamic wrinkles caused by muscle contractions, such as when you make expressions like frowning, smiling, or raising your eyebrows. Also, Botox doesn’t fill in existing wrinkles, it’s primarily to help prevent wrinkles from forming or slow the progression of existing wrinkles by weakening the muscles responsible for them. If you’re looking for aesthetic treatments to help fill in wrinkles, you may want to explore dermal fillers instead. 

    Who is a Good Candidate for Botox Aesthetic Treatments?

    Like other aesthetic treatments, Botox isn’t for everyone. It’s important to talk to a professional about whether you’re a good candidate for Botox injections. There are many factors to consider, including your age, your health, and also your desired results. In general, you should be at least 18 years old and in good overall health before beginning Botox treatment. Also, while each person is different, Botox isn’t generally recommended for people who:

    • Have neuromuscular disorders
    • Are pregnant
    • Are nursing
    • Have facial muscle weakness

    A good candidate for Botox aesthetic injectables is in good general health, at least 18 years old, and wants to treat moderate to severe facial lines and wrinkles. Also, it’s important to have realistic expectations for Botox. For example, Botox likely won’t erase all the wrinkles on your face. Results also vary from person to person. Therefore, talk to our treatment providers about your expectations to determine whether you’re a good candidate for Botox. 

    Results from Botox Aesthetic Injectables

    As we’ve mentioned, different people may have different results from Botox. Our treatment providers can talk about what to expect from Botox based on your specific circumstances. However, you will generally see smoothing within 24 to 48 hours after Botox treatment with full results within 30 days. Most people notice that their face wrinkles and forms lines less when contracting their facial muscles and making certain expressions. 

    Botox aesthetic injectables do wear off over time. Generally speaking, Botox results last up to four months for treating moderate to severe wrinkles on the face. To maintain results, most people need more treatments, about every three to four months as the Botox wears off. If you don’t get additional treatments, then most people notice their wrinkles reappear and look like they did before getting Botox. For some people, Botox injections may train the facial muscles to relax, which may help prolong results because your muscles learn to contract less. However, most people still need ongoing treatments to maintain results. 

    What to Expect from Botox Aesthetic Injectables

    If you’re interested in Botox injections, the first step is to talk to our treatment providers about your options. Knowing what to expect can help you make an informed decision about this aesthetic treatment. 

    During Treatment

    Once you’ve established which areas you want to treat with Botox, our treatment providers will personalize the treatment to you. In most cases, you usually receive one to three injections per treatment area using a small needle to inject the botulinum toxin into the muscle. Typically you will feel little to no pain. Many people liken the feeling to getting a flu shot, where there is a small pinch and a slight burning sensation. Botox aesthetic treatments typically take just 15 to 20 minutes in our office, and most people return to their normal activities immediately after their appointment. 


    You should always follow the specific aftercare instructions our providers give you. In general, you should try to avoid rubbing or massaging your face for at least 24 hours. This is to help reduce the risk of the Botox spreading to other areas of the face. In addition, typically we recommend not lying down for at least four hours for the same reason. Generally, you should also try to avoid strenuous exercise, saunas, hot tubs, and other activities that increase blood flow to your face, which can also lead to the Botox moving elsewhere and may also increase your risk for bruising. As we mentioned earlier, most people start noticing results within 24 to 48 hours, with full results appearing within about 30 days. 

    Aesthetic Treatments at HerKare

    Our team at HerKare is here to provide quality care for both your aesthetic and health needs. We understand that feeling your best often involves enhancing your appearance with aesthetic treatments. Our team offers a wide range of non-surgical cosmetic treatments to help you address your concerns, from wrinkles to skin discoloration. Make an appointment today to discuss Botox or other aesthetic treatment options with our professionals.


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